It's not about 'us'...

We could talk about our incredible legacy, and our commitment to education for 21st Century reality.

...but 'what we can do for you'

We'd rather talk about our workshops that provide short, sharp learnings for industry leaders. And our skills development programmes - packaged or customised - that transform workforces, and help corporates leverage the most value from B-BEEE.

Stay ahead with Red & Yellow Exec Ed Workshoprs

Logical business thinkers who understand human behaviour and use the magic of creative thinking. Let’s unpack what makes our corporate offering distinctive...

Corporate Training
  • Perfectly-packaged combos of our highly-respected online courses, coupled with related face-to-face training sessions and workshops by experts, geared to each corporate’s specific needs.
Focused Programmes
  • We start with a discussion and skills audit, then craft a learning journey based on the specific Client’s need, factoring in audience, delivery method, content and format.
Skills Development
  • We work with SETA and B-BEEE requirements to create programmes that help corporates develop and retain key talent and deliver maximum B-BEEE Skills Development ROI.
  • Our 1- or 2-day intensive workshops are designed to keep senior execs and progressive leaders ahead of the ever-changing curve:

  • Topics are aligned with professional gaps being created by the rapidly-increasing impact of intelligent technology on the professional world.

  • Produced exclusively for Red & Yellow, and presented, by leading industry-experts – designed as small-classroom, interactive immersions into essential learnings and instantly-actionable ways to implement.
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