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Accredited Skills Programmes

Address critical skill-shortages with our range of highly-impactful accredited Skills Programmes (Category E). These programmes combine a world-class online learning experience with practical, sector-specific workshops to deliver outcomes-focused training over a period of 3 to 6 months.

Many of our accredited online courses can be supplemented with expert-lead workshops to create a bespoke Skills Programme for your organisation. Can’t find a Skills Programme that addresses your organisations specific training needs? Speak to one of our corporate training consultants to find out if we’re able to build a programme for you.


Red & Yellow’s focus areas

We currently offer a spectrum of Digital Marketing, Design Thinking, Management and Leadership related Skills Programmes and are able to build new products according to your Skills Development needs. We’ve run the following skills programmes before:

• Foundations of Digital Marketing • Design Thinking
• Digital Content and Copywriting • Digital Media Management
• Project Management • Art of Management
• User Experience Design • Sales and Account Executive Training


What is a Skills Programme?

A Skills Programme is an occupation-based learning programme aimed at building skills that have economic value, and which incorporates at least one unit standard. It is registered by a SETA and delivered by an accredited training provider and leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The benefits of Skills Programmes include the following:

  • Allows for the development of specific competencies in identified areas
  • Fully-recognisable against Skills Development targets
  • Improves the skills and overall job satisfaction of participants
  • More economical and flexible in terms of time and expense in relation to other, longer accredited forms of training


Why Red & Yellow:

We see the bigger picture. We’re one of the few institutions able to address the full spectrum of the Skills Development process: as a CHE-accredited Private Higher Education Institution, we offer a range of full qualifications and bursaries; and a SETA- and SABPP-accredited training provider, supporting corporates in delivering on their broader training and transformation goals. As education providers, we teach the skills that grow successful organisations – ranging from giving juniors a powerful headstart, to accelerating seniors and execs’ career paths. As enablers, we help corporates retain key talent, and get the maximum return on their B-BBEE Skills Development spend. A key differentiator from other educational businesses and B-BBEE agencies, who only come from one perspective.

How we do this:

We are committed to driving transformation, and have been working intensely to ensure we have a deep understanding of:

  • The regulatory framework: we get the intersection between legislation, education and the business environments.
  • The challenges industry faces: we regularly meet with a wide range of influential stakeholders, across all sectors, to get to grips with the speedbumps, frustrations and skills gaps they have to deal with.
  • The value we can add: imparting theory is not enough. The value lies in translating the theory into practical skills and expertise that are highly sought-after. So the insights we gain from industry are crucial to informing training programmes that will add the most relevant value, and making sure corporates get optimal ROI from their B-BBEE spend.

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