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What is a Learnership?

Simply put, a Learnership is a 12-month work-based learning programme that results in an NQF-registered qualification. Learners (“eligible students”) attend lectures and work through online learning theory while being in the workplace where they are able to practically apply their newly learnt skills and build up work experience.

Learnerships offer companies a wealth of B-BBEE points, access to SETA grants and lucrative tax deductions. Companies who run Employed Learnerships are also able to recognise both the full cost of the programme and the full salary of each learner for the duration of their participation in the programme.

Our upcoming Learnership programmes

Digital Marketing Employed Online Learnership | 15 November 2021

Upskill your teams with essential Digital Marketing and Project Management expertise. This programme will give learners industry-relevant knowledge, expose them to international best practice, and teach them theoretical foundations and practical techniques and skills to enter the field of digital marketing and online advertising.


User-Centred Design Employed Online Learnership | 15 November 2021

Equip your teams with the mindset necessary to fuel the development of innovative and impactful solutions to your customer’s real-world needs. This programme will teach learners to better understand human behaviour, learn how to solve complex problems in a unique new way and elevate and expand their design skills to more advanced and impactful levels.



We’re running all of the above Learnerships as open runs, meaning that there is no upper or lower limit to how many people companies need to enrol.

Check out these resources to learn more about Learnerships


Download the PDF how-to guide


Learnerships – when done right – combine three things we’re really passionate about;  High quality and effective training, massive transformation benefits and a wealth of perks for organisations that run them. Because of this, we’ve had a bunch of people asking us how these programmes actually work and how they’re different from regular skills programmes. That’s why we’ve recently published the first-ever Learnership ‘How-to’ guide. If you have any Learnership related questions or curiosities, we highly recommend giving it a read – we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

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