For professionals who need to skill up, but can’t afford the time away from work, The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has launched 4 new fully-online accredited qualifications in Digital Marketing (based on Red & Yellow’s globally-acclaimed textbook), User-Centered Design, Strategic Management, and Creating Digital Content.

Red & Yellow receives numerous requests from prospective students that are seriously keen to get accredited qualifications from this future-focused Business School, but unable to attend classes on campus – either due to covid-19 concerns, or because they live elsewhere in South Africa or internationally. In response, it developed 4 accredited National Certificate programmes that are fully online, requiring no campus attendance or physical contact.

online learning can be done from anywhereThis highly-respected educational institution has been offering customised online courses for almost 20 years, so the transition to including accredited programmes was simply the next step, and highly appropriate for the times we are in. Whilst online learning offers all the convenience and flexibility when it comes to bolstering one’s CV with a reputable signal of capabilities, it can also seem daunting or alienating at times.

This is why there is a predominant focus on the human element, or what Red & Yellow refers to as the “uniquely human touch”. Every student gets a dedicated Programme Coordinator to guide them throughout their learning journey (and sometimes just check in on their state of mind), as well as live tutorial sessions with subject-matter experts or industry leaders, over and above the usual enriched-media enhancements.

The programmes have been designed for working folks so that they spend minimal time on the theory, and maximum time on applying the theory in their place of work. In the same vein, assignments are also geared to their current business challenges, rather than on ethereal situations that have no relevance to their lives.

The Business School has a reputation for producing graduates that not only have the requisite knowledge, but most importantly, the practical know-how to add value from the instant they start studying. By introducing 4 SETA-accredited programmes that take place entirely online, more students now have the opportunity to bolster their careers with a qualification from this industry-respected institution, in four critically-important disciplines right now.

It marks another milestone in Red & Yellow’s commitment to providing lifelong learning options that are relevant, future-focused and intended to produce well-rounded graduates.



Red & Yellow has been teaching business leaders to think creatively since 1994. The school was founded by legends of the creative industry and is now run by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders who bring their hands-on experience to ensure that students – on campus, online or on corporate training programmes – receive the most relevant education for the 21st Century. Red & Yellow’s mission is to equip students with the commercial logic, human skills and creative magic to set individuals and organisations apart.


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